Pain Releiving Plaster x 2 packs (10 plasters)

Pain releiveing ointment on a breatheable adhesive plaster to help releive minor aches and pains.

Provides gentle warmth for up to 8 hours, ideal for sports injuries, back and tummy ache.

Each pack contains 5 plasters, each 7x10cm

Made for:

Any body parts

Reasons To Buy:

Convenient (under clothes)
Warming effect


A non-invasive way of applying gentle heat and paind relief to a choice of body parts in order to assist in the relief of pain and discomfort caused by menstrual periods, lower back pain and many others.

  • Each plaster is 7cm x 10cm
  • 5 plasters per pack
  • Can be worn directly on the skin (under clothing)
  • Warmth lasts up to 8 hours