Cuddlesoft Velboa

Our larger yet affordable multi-purpose Cuddlesoft Plush Heatpacks are designed for use as a warm or cool compress and are ideal for home use. Made from 100% natural ingredients, it also has a 2 channel design enabling greater distribution of heat during application.

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Made with UK wheat
Gift Packaged in acetate box
Available with Lavender
Optional removeable cover


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Our Cuddlesoft Plush Heatpack is made from soft durable fleece fabric in a multitude of solid colours, filled with 100% natural, cleaned UK wheat and comes with optional French lavender.

A non-invasive way of applying heat (or cool) to a choice of body parts in order to assist in the relief of pain and discomfort caused by menstrual periods, migraines, lower back pain and many others.

The natural grains combined with the fresh aroma of the lavender, provides a relaxing aromatherapy effect in addition to the heat healing properties.

An innovative addition to the design with a 2 channel distribution, allowing for a greater flow of wheat and therefore a more equal distribution of heat preventing the wheat from falling to one side as in other designs.

  • 13.5 x 45 cm (5.5 x 17.75 inches)
  • 700g
  • Can be used as a warm or cold compress
  • Hand made in the UK (Manchester)
  • Made using UK cleaned wheat
  • Made with French (grown in Provence) Lavender (optional)
  • CE certified as a Medical Device CA013851
  • Meets the stringent BS8433:2004 Microwaveable Personal Warmers

Lower back

Muscle strain is a common cause of lower back strain.  The application of Thermotherapy warms the damaged tissue, temporarily increasing elasticity and mobility whereby reducing tightness and spasms.


Stress, tiredness and muscle tensions are all factors in the cause of headaches. Thermotherapy can reduce muscles spasms, stimulates blood circulation and can change the body’s reaction to pain. The increased blood flow is believed to help with pain with the increase in oxygen, proteins and other nutrients to the area in pain.Dry eye and Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid) can be improved by applying heat which makes the oil produced by the glands around the eyes more runny.

Tummy & Abdomen

Period pain, IBS, Colitis can all be painful and uncomfortable. By applying Thermotherapy to the region, the heat encourages increased circulation, assisting in the blood flow and reduction in toxic stagnations.

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