ThermoDR Shoulder Wrap

The Shoulder HeatWrap offers the benefits of the deluxe Heatpack designed in a shape suitably large enough to place over the shoulders and around the chest.

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Made with UK wheat
Available with Lavender


Designed with Physiotherapists, this is the perfect tool to be used both at home and post treatment as a warm or cool compress. Made from 100% natural ingredients, it also has a multiple channel design enabling greater distribution of heat during application.

A non-invasive way of applying heat to a choice of body parts in order to assist in the relief of pain and discomfort caused by menstrual periods, migraines, lower back pain and many others.

The natural grains combined with the optional fresh aroma of the lavender, provides a relaxing aromatherapy effect in addition to the heat healing properties of the heat pack.

  • Heat Pack Size: 43 x 35 cm (17 x 13.5 inches), weight 1,000g
  • The heatpack has an innovative addition to the design with a multi channel distribution, allowing for a greater flow of wheat and therefore a more equal distribution of heat preventing the wheat from falling to one side as in other designs
  • Hand made in the UK (Manchester)
  • Made using UK cleaned wheat
  • Made with French (grown in Provence) Lavender (optional)
  • CE certified as a Medical Device CA013851
  • Meets the stringent BS8433:2004 Microwaveable Personal Warmers

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