ThermoDr Self Heat

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100% Natural, Self Warming, Pain Relief for your back – Anytime Anywhere

Your ThermoDR Self Warming Body Wrap consists of a neoprene wrap (a known breatheable material), secured by velcro, fused with Tourmaline gem stones and magnets. The Advanced Tourmaline stones together with the magnets, when in contact with your body, provides heated infrared waves which:

  • Reflects your own body infrared heat
  • Promotes stimulation of your bodies temperature
  • Expands capillaries which increases the blood flow and oxygen circulation to the injured areas therefore helping to speed up the healing process and creating the sensation of heat.

It works by using Far Infrared radiation (FIR), where the gem stones radiate heat back into your body with the heat rays penetrating up to 3 inches into the muscles.

FIR reduces soreness on nerve endings and muscle spasms, as muscle fibers are heated with the reduction of swelling, inflammation and associated pain. Relaxation of muscles and relief of muscular aches – reduces back, shoulder and neck pains.