Benefits of Heat

Heat has been used for thousands of years, dating back to the Roman hot baths. Medical research suggests that heat is an effective and safe way to assist in the relief of chronic pain.

Increased Blood Flow
Heat application dilates the localized blood vessels increasing blood circulation delivering oxygen and necessary nutrients to the injured area, while removing cell waste, all speeding up the healing process.

Relaxation of muscles
Spasm related pain and sore muscles can be relieved by the reduction of stiffness, relaxation of the muscles and tendons and enhanced movement, enabling the body and muscles to recover.

Brains receptors
Heat has been know to deactivate the brain’s pain receptors, therefore reducing pain.

Pain prevention
Applying heat before and after physical exercise and sport can assist in relaxing the muscles preventing muscle pain, stiffness and injuries during and post workout.

How do our heatpacks help with pain relief?
The Heatpack Company Manufacturing Heat Wraps combine the heat conductive properties of wheat to produce when warmed in the microwave a moist non-invasive hot compress.

The Heat Wraps can be applied to most parts of the body therefore applying heat to the desired areas. With the natural flow of the wheat, the Heat Wraps mould to your body parts.



Muscle groups

 Upper Back, Neck and Shoulder Muscles

Stiffness and soreness in the neck, frozen shoulder or general upper back pain is often caused by contractions in the neck and shoulder muscles. Thermotherapy can provide relief by reducing muscle spasms.

Lower Back Muscles

Muscle strain is a common cause of lower back pain. The application of Thermotherapy warms the damaged tissue, temporarily increasing elasticity and mobility whereby reducing tightness and spasms.

Tummy & Abdomen Muscles

Period pain, IBS, Colitis can all be painful and uncomfortable. By applying Thermotherapy to the region, the heat encourages increased circulation, assisting in the blood flow and reduction in toxic stagnations.

Leg, Knee & Ankle

Commonly, leg, knee and ankle pain is caused by stiffness of the joints and muscles. Thermotherapy can help relax the tight muscles by increasing the elasticity of joint connective tissues and opening up blood vessels, increasing blood flow to your injured elbow joint, promoting healing.

Arms & Elbow

Golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow or general strain can occur when the joint tendons, muscles and ligaments responsible for controlling movement of your forearm develop small tears, or micro tears resulting in pain, inflammation, restriction of movement and formation of calcium deposits and scar tissue. Thermotherapy can help relieve these symptoms by opening up blood vessels and increases blood flow to your injured elbow joint, promoting healing.

Head & Eyes

Stress, tiredness and muscle tensions are all factors in the cause of headaches.Thermotherapy can reduce muscles spasms, stimulates blood circulation and can change the body’s reaction to pain. The increased blood flow is believed to help with pain with the increase in oxygen, proteins and other nutrients to the area in pain.Dry eye and Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid) can be improved by applying heat which makes the oil produced by the glands around the eyes more runny.