“I have just purchased a Thermo neck wrap… I suffer from osteo arthritis in neck shoulders arms hands and feet.

Hello, I have just purchased a Thermo neck wrap and am very pleased with it.

I suffer from osteo arthritis in neck shoulders arms hands and feet. The neck and shoulders are most painful. Oh! and yes I love the lavender smell.

Thank you so much"

Connie T, Ireland


“At the Nottingham Children’s Hospital, Nottingham University Hospitals, children and young people have been using ‘Soothe –away’ wheat herbal heat packs for 8 years.

Children and young people of any age, experiencing abdominal or joint pain, for example, find relief from using a heated or cooled pack on the affected area. They have been used whilst the child is waiting for painkillers to be prescribed or in-between painkillers, finding them of great comfort and are designed to help relaxation and create an overall sense of well being.

Many children do not like taking medicines and so the packs can be used as a safe, non-pharmacological way to help relieve pain or discomfort, muscle spasm and joint stiffness and improve circulation and range of movements.

The bags do not need to be prescribed by a doctor and can be administered by any health care professional within Children’s services.

The parents/carers are shown how to use the Wheat pack appropriately and safely, enabling them to help their child.

Some of the things the children have said about the Wheatie packs:

‘I bring my Wheatie with me all the time … it gives me instant relief.’ E. 15yrs

‘ It takes away the pain in my tummy. I love the colour and the smell.’ J. 6yrs

‘My Wheatie relieves my spasms when nothing else works.’ S. 12yrs

The children / young people love the variety of colours, the Lavender smell and the beautiful soft texture of the packs.

The children’s hospital will continue to use ‘Soothe – away’ wheat herbal heat packs for many years to come.

Virginia McGivern - Nottingham Hospital


“for some comforting and for others can greatly aid pain relief especially it seems for thos who have abdominal pain..”
The children are still enjoying the herbal heat packs, for some it is just comforting and for others can greatly aid pain relief especially it seems to those who have abdominal pain. We are also trialing a new treatment thats side effect causes nerve pains in the hands and feet, the children have found the wheat bags very useful for this type of pain too.

Jenni - Great Ormand Street Hospital


“this product is well made and of useful design….and its lavender smell seems to help patients with relaxation. I am writing to you for the purpose of endorsement of the above product. I have been using and recommending the ThermoDR Body Wrap within my clinical practice for some time and have found it to be a useful for a range of clinical conditions.

The application of heat has been widely used by clinicians for centuries for the treatment many different medical conditions and its benefits are well documented. From a physiotherapy point of view, heat therapy is particularly useful for reducing muscle spasm which is a major problem for many clinicians, particularly those who treat large numbers of patients presenting with spinal disorders. The therapeutic effect of increasing the extensibility of collagen tissue helps reduce this spasm and allows for the reduction of pain as well as the restoration of normal range of movement. Heat therapy has also been shown to increase blood flow to areas which it is applied by a process of vasodilation. Other recognised benefits of using heat are the reduction of joint stiffness, reducing inflammation in the post-­‐acute stage of healing and promoting relaxation of soft tissues.

With regards to the ThermoDR Body Wrap in particular, I have found that this product is well made and of useful design, It’s strap allows for the positioning of the heat pack over various body parts and its lavender smell seems to help patients with relaxation.

I can thoroughly recommend this product to clinicians and I have found the company providing the product a pleasure to deal with.”

Akiva - Bridge Rehabilitation


“I would like to express my delight in the wheat bags I have purchased from you recently.

I have them on display in a glass cabinet in my clinic and they sell like hot cakes!

A lot of my patients have a whiplash injury and low back pain and have sold out of them in 3 weeks.

They are a cozy looking item which works and as 1 patient told me ‘it’s her best friend!’

As a Chartered Physiotherapist of 33 years, I would highly recommend every clinic use and stock them to help their patients return to faster and better health."

Peter Lyddall - Physio


"The heat pack is brilliant!

I’m back in training again after our short annual break, straight back into lifting heavy and this heat pack is very much needed! I’ve been putting it on my lower back now for the last couple of evenings and is really helping! I’ll let you know how it goes as I use it more and spread the word amongst the other guys in our team."

Alex Gregory MBE - Olympic Rower (Gold Medalist)


"Hello! I am the proud owner of a tartan Heatpack that I absolutely adore. It has proven to be an almost constant companion to me since I dislocated my shoulder on Jan. 1st, this year.

When I am awakened by pain, I immediately reach for the pack, heat it up and very soon I have relief. I know that it helps so much during the period when I am waiting for my tablets to work."

Mrs D