Frequently Asked Questions

Can I warm my ‘Heat Wrap’ in an electric or gas oven?
No this product is made specifically for heating in a domestic microwave of up to 1000 Watts.
I have warmed the ‘Heat Wrap’ twice now and it is still coming out of the microwave very moist?
The composition of wheat causes it to act like miniature sponges. Whilst growing the wheat the grains fill with water, which are dried out during the cleaning and polishing treatment. Even so seasonal variations can occur which can cause extra moisture. There are several ways to resolve this but we recommend leaving the ‘Heat Wrap’ on a warm central heating radiator for a couple days. If this does not resolve the problem, please feel free to contact us.
How can I avoid burning the Heatpack
Eventually, the moisture content in the wheat will dry out and requires re-moisturising to avoid burning. Every few uses, place a cup of water in the microwave along side the Heatpack and turn on for the recommended time.
How long does the ‘Heat Wrap’ retain its heat for?
All situations and conditions are different however on average the heat wrap will retain its heat for approximately 20 minutes. Please seek advice from your physician as to how long you should apply the heat wrap for.
My heat wrap doesn't seem to be heating up as much after the recommended heating time in the microwave.
We recommend that after every 5 uses you place a small suitable container holding a little water in the microwave during the heating process. This will maximize the longevity of the Heat Wrap.
I have a dry skin condition; can I still use a ‘Heat Wrap’?
You must seek advice from a medical professional who has knowledge of your specific condition before using any of our heated products.
My mother is blind; can she use a ‘Heat Wrap’?
If there are no other medical reasons for her to not use it, she should be able to use our products but of course with supervision, this also applies to the young.
Are there different recommenced timings for the various size and shapes?
Yes, we offer many various sizes and shaped heat packs. Always look at the sewn label for the recommended heating times
My 900 watt microwave has several heat settings/levels, which one do I use?
The testing we do is based on full power, but you may find that you can heat the product sufficiently on a lower setting.
What do the products contain?
UK grown, treated and cleaned wheat with a hint of dried lavender (optional). No chemicals are used in the cleaning of the wheat.
The lavender fragrance has disappeared – what can I do?
To refresh the aroma simply heat as normal and place a few drops of good quality essential oil of lavender directly on to the surface of the product. This will not harm the fabric.
What safety tests do the products comply with?
Class 1 Medical Device and the BS8433:2004 British Safety standard.
How do I clean my item?
Surface wash only with a lightly damp cloth – do NOT immerse in water as this may harm the wheat grains. You have the option on many of our items to purchase a removeable washable cover.
How often can I heat my Heat Wrap?
All of our products have been designed to be reheated thousands of times – always allow the product to cool fully between uses and make sure you re-moisturise the bag by placing a cup of water in the microwave along side the Heatpack